Student Wellbeing

It is our mission and responsibility at SJI International to support the health and wellbeing of students within our school community. Learning and wellbeing are inextricably linked – students learn best when their wellbeing is optimised, and they develop a strong sense of wellbeing when they experience success in learning.

Wellbeing in our school is reflected in:

Positive Relationships

We support students’ spiritual, physical and social wellbeing in accordance with our school values. Positive professional relationships between students and staff are cherished at SJI International. We are renowned for our values-driven care for those in our learning community and we advocate principles of positive mindset, virtue based learning and positive psychology.

Character Education

A person’s character is the summation of his or her habits, attitudes and attributes. Character Education seeks to develop virtue – moral excellence – as the foundation of a purposeful, productive, and fulfilling life and a just, compassionate, and flourishing society. All students in Grades 7-10 receive Wellbeing Education lessons, developing their ideas, opinions and philosophical perspectives on contemporary and age-appropriate real world issues and moral dilemmas.

Student Support Services

At SJI International we strive to recognise and meet the academic, emotional and pastoral needs of all students in order to guide them to reach their full potential in an enjoyable and successful manner. Our nurturing ethos is supported by a range of internal support services led by the Vice-Principal (Pastoral). These include the school Counselling Team and School Psychologist; the Learning Development Team including our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, English as an Additional Language teacher and Teaching Assistants; University Guidance and Careers Counselling team; and School Nurse.

Our positive school culture embeds student wellbeing into all aspects of school life through connecting the learning environment, curriculum and pedagogy, policies, procedures and partnerships for learning and life. We demonstrate an explicit commitment to wellbeing, and communicate and promote this commitment to our school community.

The Vice-Principal (Pastoral) is Neil Crossland:


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