Lasallian Reflection


“In receiving the ashes, ask God that the spirit of penance may inspire you, accompany you, and make you holy.”
Meditation for Ash Wednesday, St John Baptist de La Salle

Although our immediate thoughts these days are focused on the holiday week ahead, we will return to school just as we begin the season of Lent.  Lent officially begins on Ash Wednesday, which this year falls on 1 March. 

Lent is the season of the year where Christians are asked to focus on simple living, prayer, and fasting, in order to draw closer to God.  Lent is the forty days before Easter, excluding the Sundays, and provides a time for us to re-focus our lives on God, and to use our Lenten practices of prayer, fasting, and charity, to help us better become the people God wants us to be.  Prayer helps us to focus on the Virtues of Thankfulness and Forgiveness in our relationship with God.  The practice of fasting reminds us of the Virtues of Self-Discipline and Moderation.  The Virtues of Caring and Helpfulness are visible when we practise acts of charity and almsgiving.

You are invited to participate in our “Lead Me to the Cross” Lenten activity.  A large wooden cross will be in the Chapel during Lent, along with some purple coloured slips of paper.  On these papers, you are invited to write your own Prayers, Acts of Penance, or Acts of Charity you intend to practise during the Lenten season.  As we proceed into the season, the cross will be a visual sign of our desire to draw closer to God and our commitment to the Lenten practices.


All parents and students are invited to the Ash Wednesday Mass on Wednesday, 1 March, at 7:45am.  The Distribution of Ashes will take place at the end of Mass.

Br Lawrence Humphrey FSC
Brother President



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