Outstanding IB Results by the Class of 2016

SJI International has maintained outstanding IB Diploma results even as the size of its IB cohort has continued to grow.



With 185 candidates from the Class of 2016, 30.8% of our students achieved a score of 40 points or more. 5 of our students attained 44 points, while another 7 obtained 43 points.

Students achieved an average score of 37.0 points, making SJI International one of the top performing IB Diploma international schools in Singapore in 2016.

“Developing a high-achieving school is a careful balancing act,” Mr Bradley Roberts, Principal of SJI International said. “As the reputation of the school has grown, we have made a conscious decision to maintain a fairly broad admissions policy. Entry is not based on academic scores alone, but on a measure of a student’s overall contribution to school life and the community.”

In line with this policy, the school’s Scholarship Fund awards up to 30 merit-based means-tested scholarships each year.

Faith in the students’ potential has paid off:

  • 107 students (out of 185 in the Class of 2016) joined SJI International from Singapore primary schools, with an average PSLE grade of 230 (their PSLE scores ranged from 169 to 261). This group achieved an average of 37.8 points, representing outstanding value added by an SJI International education;

  • 14 students who joined with PSLE scores under 215 scored an average of 34.9 points. Of this group, 4 achieved 40 points or more.  

Scoring 40 points in the IB Diploma is equivalent to 5 x A Grades or 4.3 A* Grades at A-Level, according to the UCAS Tariffs for 2015.


Mr Roberts said it is important to view these results in the right context. “SJI International is not an academic hothouse that focuses only on academic results as the main aim of our education. Rather, we strive to develop people of integrity and people for others.”

He said the students learn to recognise international and global issues, conduct meaningful action in the local and regional community, and develop qualities of leadership which will help them make a real difference in the world. The academic programme at SJI International is only one part of a truly holistic programme, which sees all students fully involved in the very extensive programme of activities, sport and community service.

Brother Lawrence Humphrey, SJI International’s Brother-President, said, “These IB results are a testament to the quality of our teachers, students, and support staff. The daily whirlwind of school life at SJI International bears fruit in many ways, both for individual students and for the larger school community. We can all take justifiable pride in each student who successfully completed the IB Diploma Programme. It will be exciting to see the impact these remarkable young people have on the world in the years ahead.”


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