Our Teaching Philosophy

How do we teach at SJI International? 

We believe that a first rate education requires the following:

  • A strong and clear values system
  • Teacher and student expectations of the highest academic standards
  • A rich enrichment programme that builds character as well as both enduring interests and friendships
  • A sensitive and quickly responsive pastoral system

Our teaching philosophy is based upon the understanding that our students:

  • love to think, enquire and discover
  • learn most effectively through engaging, active, challenging learning experiences, particularly outside the classroom
  • best absorb concepts and information as a bi-product of practising skills
  • thrive on a variety of teaching methodologies
  • benefit from reflection upon their own processes of learning
  • are the best appraisers of the teaching they receive
  • have diverse skills that require assessment through diverse methods
  • thrive on encouragement and an absence of fear of failure
  • experience no conflict between academic success and wholehearted commitment to activities

Thus, we expect our teachers to:

  • be enthusiastic, principled, creative, sensitive and have high expectations
  • create active, diverse, engaging learning experiences for their students
  • design tasks that allow students of different capacities to be fully stretched
  • integrate IT into learning activities
  • take learning from the classroom into the Singapore community whenever possible and into the region for adventurous activities and expeditions
  • ensure that homework assignments are equally as thoughtfully designed as classroom learning
  • adopt diverse assessment techniques that measure a broad range of skills
  • ensure that marking offers constructive and empowering feedback to the students
  • help the students both to reflect upon their own learning and to inform the teaching they receive
  • form an intellectually and pedagogically lively teaching fraternity that shares ideas and constantly seeks to find better ways of helping students to learn
  • contribute fully in the enrichment programme


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