Welcome to St Joseph’s Institution International Elementary School.

This school is founded on the traditions and strong foundations of the Lasallian brothers. Lasallian schools are renowned throughout the world for attention to pastoral care and respect for the individual. We are now in our ninth year, and have grown from 26 children to 670, comprising 38 nationalities.

Our mission is to develop children who will grow up to be people of integrity and people who care for others. SJI International welcomes children from all Christian families and from other faiths.

The warmth and care shown to each child allows them to flourish and develop the confidence needed for success in an ever changing world. The school offers a unique opportunity to students of all nationalities — a truly international curriculum delivered by a first-rate faculty in the context of Singapore’s vibrant culture. All the children, from prep up, have a daily Mandarin lesson and we follow the world renowned Singapore maths programme.

The children are encouraged to work hard and achieve their personal best, whether it is in the classroom, on the sports fields or through the many other opportunities they have for their personal and spiritual development and all-round growth. We try to meet the needs of each child as an individual; each is supported and encouraged by a strong and committed staff. Whilst protected and nurtured, the children are also challenged in order to build their ability to thrive as adults in the future.

While the school’s facilities are outstanding, SJI International's biggest strength is our strong community. Parents are actively encouraged to get involved through the Elementary Parent Support Group. This group helps support our school events such as the Christmas Fair and our events to raise money for global initiatives.

Our teaching and support staff are totally committed to providing the best outcomes for each child to ensure they grow and develop to be the best they can be. We are a school where your child will thrive in every respect and develop as a valued member of our community.

If you would like to know more about SJI International, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You are assured of a warm welcome.

Kevin Hannah

Principal of Elementary School



  • SJI International, 490 Thomson Road, Singapore 298191
  • High School (all enquiries): (+65) 6353 9383
  • Elementary School Admissions: (+65) 6871 5261
  • Elementary School: (+65) 6871 5202