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Our Elementary School programme offers students a comprehensive and well rounded experience in and out of the classroom.


Our High School programme offers students a comprehensive and well rounded experience in and out of the classroom.

School Life


Activities offered beyond the classroom are extensive and fulfilling.


It is our mission and responsibility at SJI International to support the health and wellbeing of students within our school community.




Our SJI International alumni community is 1200 strong, and remains connected globally.

At SJI International, we aim to promote learning through the innovative use of digital tools. Technology has a key role in supporting creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. To be able to use tools to construct knowledge and solve problems are the most important skills that today’s children must master and this forms the basis of our approach to Digital Technologies.

In the Elementary School, we are committed to learning taking place in developmentally appropriate and authentic ways and that the application of technology is thoughtful, purposeful and authentic. 

Our Digital Technologies coaches work alongside teaching teams to help plan and deliver personalised learning experiences across a range of curriculum areas for our children. Our teachers are empowered and resourced to incorporate digital tools seamlessly into learning and we encourage the children to make informed judgments about when and where to use technology for best effect.

To enable this, our students and teachers have access to laptop and tablet computers, as well as a dedicated lab equipped with industry-standard hardware and software. We are committed to the long-term investment in resources and training so that the potential of such tools is realised.

Curriculum Overview

Through digital technology, our aim is to help provide for, guide and support our students with purposeful experiences that will help them:

  • Develop problem-solving and higher-order thinking skills through learning the basics of computer science and programming
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively and meaningfully using a variety of digital tools and technologies
  • Create, personalise, interact with and present their own content using industry-standard tools and best design practices
  • Build understanding about how to use technology appropriately and meaningfully
  • Take ownership of their learning, and be able to evaluate it and reflect upon it
  • Become a responsible Digital Citizen, by developing an understanding of how to be safe online, make responsible decisions about sharing information, and evaluate and acknowledge sources of information