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Our Elementary School programme offers students a comprehensive and well rounded experience in and out of the classroom.


Our High School programme offers students a comprehensive and well rounded experience in and out of the classroom.

School Life


Activities offered beyond the classroom are extensive and fulfilling.


It is our mission and responsibility at SJI International to support the health and wellbeing of students within our school community.




Our SJI International alumni community is strong and remains connected globally.

Art develops children’s creative skills, critical appreciation, knowledge of artistic techniques and technologies, and a unique way of understanding and responding to the world within each child.

Within our Art Studios, creativity and imagination collide as children discover their inventive, intuitive, and imaginative abilities and explore their artistic potential. Lessons provide visual, tactile and sensory experiences through immersion in an inspired atmosphere – where colour, form, texture, and patterns of different materials and processes are used to communicate what they see, think and feel.

Our children develop a mastery of art and design techniques, including drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, graphic design, ceramics, mixed media, and sculpture, through creative experimentation and increased awareness. They learn about the diverse roles and functions of art, craft, and design throughout history, within contemporary life, and across cultures, equipping them for lifelong involvement in and an appreciation of the arts.

Curriculum Overview

Children are taught about the following:

  • Expressing ideas, emotions, observations, and experiences through two and three - dimensions
  • Developing creativity and imagination
  • Using the elements and principles of Art and Design
  • Using materials, processes, and techniques with increasing skill and confidence
  • Understanding, appreciating, respecting and enjoying other people’s visual expressions
  • The work of artists, craftspeople and designers from different cultures, including those represented in the host country
  • Functions of the visual arts in people’s lives now and in the past

In Design Technology,  students apply knowledge, skills, experiences, and resources to develop technological solutions designed to meet the challenging needs of individuals, societies, and environments.

Our students become innovative, adaptable, and reflective as they select and use appropriate materials, design processes, information, and digital technologies to create solutions that consider the short and long-term impact on societies and environments.

Our students develop skills, knowledge, and understanding in the following areas:

  • Designing, producing and using products

  • Using the five stages of the Design Cycle

  • Techniques of production

  • The use of a range of materials and components

  • The diversity of technological products

  • How to think about design and production

  • Identifying and responding to needs wants and opportunities

  • How to evaluate materials, processes, and products

  • The effects of technology on people’s lives