Scholarship Programme

The aim of our Scholarship Programme is to enable students from low income families to access the high quality education SJI International provides.  A very high percentage of our scholars go on to outstanding universities, most often on full scholarships. As a Lasallian School, SJI International strives to bring education to all, especially the last, the lost and the least. By donating to the Scholarship Fund, you can help us in our mission to provide life-changing opportunities to promising students from less-privileged (financially) families. Your support will enable these students to complete two years of International Baccalaureate education at SJI International High School – a feat that would otherwise not be possible. For the children we select, this opportunity will change their lives forever.

Below you can view videos from 2 scholars - Brian who graduated in 2012 and is now the recipient of a Jardine Foundation Scholarship that fully funds his tertiary education at Oxford University, and Jessa, who will graduate this year. They explain just how vitally important the Scholarship Programme has been to them and their gratitude for having been a recipient. They are fine ambassadors for the Programme.



                                     Brian Theng                                                                                       Jessa Alfajardo

The SJI International Scholarship Programme was originally set up to attract outstanding students, regardless of background, and it has played an important role in allowing SJI International to become a school that is widely recognised for its outstanding academic results (within a very holistic programme).

All money donated to our Scholarship Fund will be used only to fund Scholarships for students coming from homes where an SJI International education is out of reach.

In 2017 we have awarded 8 overseas and 6 local Scholarships, bringing the overall total of current Scholars to 38. A list of our current Scholars is here.

Although the majority of our Scholarships are offered to deserving Singaporean students, we have also previously offered overseas scholarships to students from Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, East Timor, Myanmar and the Philippines. This year, we welcomed our first Cambodian Scholar.

Help us to ensure that our community is built around the brightest minds – as it should be – so that we can maintain our unique value proposition:


from excellent to exceptional


Our Scholars – A Snapshot

Brian Theng | Class of 2012

Brian moved from Montfort Secondary School to SJI International to do the IB Diploma Programme. In 2012 he won both the History and Principal’s awards and scored 41 points in the IB examinations. He is now studying at the University of Oxford on a Jardine Foundation Scholarship.

With exposure to an international environment and to the unknown, my experience at SJI International was one of fulfilment and enjoyment. Through service learning and opportunities for leadership, I sincerely hope that I have been able to be of benefit to SJI International even more than it has been to me. I thank the donors for both their immense generosity and for the opportunity to study and develop myself holistically at SJI International. Without that, I definitely would not have been able to experience and do so much for and with others.


Ruru Hoong | Class of 2014

Local Scholar Ruru graduated in 2014 with a perfect IB score of 45 points and received the Principal’s Award. She has accepted a GIC Scholarship to Stanford University to study Liberal Arts and Sciences.

After joining SJI International, I found that the environment at school certainly allowed for the pursuit of my own academic interests, but also gave me the opportunity to do so much more: organise activities and charity events with the Senior Council and Lasallian Youth Council, start my own extracurricular activity, edit the newspaper for our school’s OneVoice publication, join the tennis and badminton club, speak at several Advancement and Communications Office events, emcee assemblies and so on. The opportunities were endless, and in involving myself in the school community I became a much more well-rounded, well-spoken, and confident individual.


Nikhil Choudhary | Class of 2012

Nikhil, a local Scholar, scored 43 points at IB and was awarded the Leadership Council Shield for Academic Excellence for 2012. He was awarded the PSC Overseas Merit (Open) Scholarship and is studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

My education at SJI International and the invaluable experiences that followed would not have been possible without the Scholarship. The prestige and respect that comes along with being a Scholar is unparalleled, and I continually strived to fulfil the responsibilities it came with. I deeply appreciated the Scholarship Programme for the exceptional support and encouragement I received. I have enormous gratitude for making it possible for me to follow my heart and pursue the academically rich IB programme in an international environment.


Le Nguyen Nhat Thu | Class of 2014

Vietnamese Scholar Le Nguyen Nhat Thu won the Academic Excellence award and scored 45 points in the IB examinations. She is now is now studying Liberal Arts and Sciences at Colby College in the USA.

My time at SJI International has been an amazing journey of growth and exploration. Not only could I delve into my academic interests and stretch my limits through the rigorous IB curriculum, I also became a better person for others through various community service activities at SJI International. I would like to express my gratitude to the SJI International teachers, staff and my fellow students for their tireless support and endless inspiration, without which I could have never achieved what I did in the IB Diploma Programme. Finally, to our generous donors who made my dream for a more holistic education a reality, I am indebted to you for believing in my potential and in the value of such a wonderful opportunity for students from developing countries like me.


Tuan Doan Nguyen | Class of 2014

Tuan scored 45 points in the IB examinations and is currently studying Liberal Arts and Sciences at Yale University on a full Scholarship to pursue his interest in Political Science.

I learnt to showcase my own culture by performing Vietnamese traditional dances at the Cultural Carnival. I learnt to be strong, to take educated risks, to look at my own weaknesses and shortcomings with reflective eyes and to rise against hardship. I learnt to serve, by bringing shiny smiles and laughter to disabled children after school. I learnt to lead and most importantly, I learnt to believe in myself and walk my own trail in life. These are the wonderful achievements I would not have dreamt of, had it not been for the teachers, the education and the support that I have had at SJI International.


Ian Ernst Chai | Class of 2009

Local Scholar Ian Chai joined us from SJI (Independent) and SJI Junior, on a Khoo Teck Puat Scholarship and finished 12 years of Lasallian education upon graduating from SJI International. Ian scored 44 points in the IB examinations and was awarded the PSC Overseas Merit (Open) Scholarship to read Law at St John’s College, University of Oxford. Having graduated with a BA in Jurisprudence, he is now employed as State Counsel, in the International Affairs Divison of the Attorney General’s Chambers in Singapore.  

The upside to a Lasallian education is that it prepares you both for further education (and holistically at that), and for things far beyond what text books and syllabi and marking rubrics and ten year series will ever prepare you for—life. The journey really did mean going down the road less taken—it was frightening, exhilarating and sometimes exhausting, but I came through it with lots of new skills and just as many new friends. I definitely couldn’t have done it without some great teachers and all the support of a great group of friends. I will always be thankful and indebted to both SJI International and the donors for such a formative experience, and can only hope to achieve as much as they have done to better the lot of others.

You can download more information about our Scholars, or access more information about the Scholarship Programme here, or watch the following video.



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