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Our Elementary School programme offers students a comprehensive and well rounded experience in and out of the classroom.


Our High School programme offers students a comprehensive and well rounded experience in and out of the classroom.

School Life


Activities offered beyond the classroom are extensive and fulfilling.


It is our mission and responsibility at SJI International to support the health and wellbeing of students within our school community.




Our SJI International alumni community is strong and remains connected globally.

SJI International High School opened its doors in 2007 and was followed in 2008 by SJI International Elementary School. Together they are part of a group of seven Lasallian schools in Singapore with a history dating back to 1852.

The realisation of the vision of SJI International was a labour of love for a team of SJI Alumni. They, having benefitted so profoundly from their education at Saint Joseph's Institution (SJI), one of Singapore's oldest and most respected schools, sought a way to offer Singaporean and expatriate children a similar life-changing experience.

Our School is a non-profit organisation overseen by the SJI International Board of Governors, comprising SJI alums. The School's patrons are Dr Tony Tan, Mr Teo Chee Hean, Mr Mah Bow Tan and Mr George Yeo.

Opening Ceremony Photos

Official Opening Ceremony - By the Honorable Dr Tony Tan

Our first intake of elementary students in year the 2008 

Dr Tony Tan with elementary students 

 Elementary students art activity 

Leadership Council chaired by Mr George Yeo

Our Catholic & Lasallian Heritage

With children from over 40 nationalities at the school, our community includes families from many different cultures, faiths and traditions. We are a school where each child's culture, faith and traditions are respected and celebrated. 


Being a school firmly rooted in the Catholic faith, Catholic children have many opportunities to explore and deepen their faith.
They may participate in weekly catechism classes as part of the extra-curricular activity programme coordinated by the Faith Formation Leader for the Elementary School. We offer classes for preparation for the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion, which are celebrated in the School Chapel. 

In the High School, the Religious Education programme we offer is intended to deepen a student’s conviction in his or her own belief and to create a deeper understanding and appreciation of people’s religious and cultural differences in order to make the world a more peaceful place.

We stimulate the inter-religious relationship by including the study of Lasallian tradition and heritage within the RE curriculum.


All families are invited to attend the weekly Mass on Friday before school, and Masses are also celebrated on holy days of obligation and special days. Our school enjoys a strong and active parent community. There is also the opportunity to join the Catholic Parent Support Group and contribute to the school's spiritual life.

In the Elementary School, the values education programme, the Virtues Project, provides the vehicle for character development and being non-denominational is appropriate for all the children in the school regardless of the culture, faith and traditions of their family.

The School Crest


SJI International shares the crest of St Joseph's Institution, introduced in 1950 to replace an older one and to bring greater clarity to its symbolism. The green field of the crest (Pantone 348C) is divided into four quadrants by a white cross, the symbol of the Christian faith. In the centre of the cross lies the logo of the Brothers, a five-pointed star, the Signum Fidei, the Sign of Faith.

Its origin is the Star of Bethlehem which led the Magi to the birth of Christ. Signum Fidei is the motto of the Brothers of the Christian Schools founded by St John Baptist de La Salle.

It reminds all Josephians to centre their lives on faith and always reaches for the reachable star of their convictions and ideals. In the top-left quadrant are three interlocking circles, symbolising games and the sporting spirit of all Josephians, while the top right quadrant holds the lamp of knowledge on a book, symbolising learning.

The Lion at the bottom left quadrant represents the courage and determination with which Josephians face the many life challenges.

It also reminds us that SJI, the flagship of the Lasallian enterprise in Asia, was established in Singapura, the Lion City, in 1852. The bottom right quadrant holds the monogram of the school. The crown surmounting the crest symbolises victory – the victory of faith over the forces of evil. It also reminds us that St Joseph's Institution was founded when Singapore was still a British Colony. The school's Latin motto, Ora et Labora (Pray and Work), is inscribed on the scroll at the bottom of the crest.