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Our High School programme offers students a comprehensive and well rounded experience in and out of the classroom.

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Scholar - Alexis Chua ‘23 Triumphs on Court & Campus
  • Alumni
  • High School

St Joseph’s Institution International is proud to spotlight the extraordinary achievements of Alexis Chua, a remarkable student who has not only excelled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme but has also left an indelible mark on the school's sports landscape.

At the November 2023 IB Examinations, Alexis scored 41 points, an outstanding score in its own right.  To have achieved this whilst concurrently competing at the highest echelons of international tennis demonstrates Alexis’ unparalleled commitment and resilience to both academics and athletics.

As a representative of the Singapore Women’s Tennis team, Alexis has competed on the international stage, proudly participating in both the Billie Jean King Cup and the South East Asian Games. Her dedication and skill have garnered her recognition, with a current ranking inside the top 20 in the Singapore open age category and reaching an impressive high of #2.

In the Singapore Tennis Association’s Women’s Advanced tournament, Alexis has consistently demonstrated her prowess, showcasing her talents and contributing to the growth of Singaporean tennis on a global scale. Alexis's participation is a testament to her dedication and the respect she commands in the world of tennis.

On campus, Alexis radiates an unwavering passion for sports. Her boundless creativity and ingenuity shine through in initiatives like the "Spotlight on Sports" section during weekly assemblies to the design of training kits. Alexis's commitment encompasses championing the essence of every sporting student at school. Through her innovative contributions, she fosters an inclusive environment where every sport and athlete receives the recognition they rightly deserve. Alexis's dedication resonates in the collective celebration of sportsmanship, reinforcing the belief that each student's journey in athletics is valued and acknowledged within the SJI International community.

A standout accomplishment in Alexis's sporting journey at SJI International has been her leadership as the 19U Division 1 tennis team captain, guiding them to a prestigious silver medal in the highly competitive ACSIS sports arena. Her exceptional leadership qualities were evident not only in games but also during training sessions, where she motivated and inspired her team to reach new heights.

While achieving remarkable success on the tennis court, Alexis has also excelled academically, completing the rigorous IB Diploma Programme with distinction. Her ability to balance academic excellence with sporting prowess exemplifies the holistic education provided at SJI International.

“Entering SJI International in Grade 10, initially shy and lacking confidence, I discovered an unexpectedly supportive community. Forming enduring friendships and benefiting from dedicated teachers, I thrived academically and beyond. The school’s encouragement extended to my service learning project and competitive tennis journey. Gratitude fills me for my parents, friends, and the transformative SJI International community, which, over my high school journey, has not only shaped my present but equipped me with invaluable skills for a promising future,” said Alexis.

Principal Mr Bradley Bird remarked, "Alexis Chua embodies the spirit and values of SJI International – a student who not only excels academically but also contributes significantly to our vibrant community. Her achievements are a source of inspiration for her peers, and we are immensely proud of her."

As Alexis Chua graduates from SJI International, her journey serves as an inspiration for future students, showcasing the potential for academic and sporting excellence within the SJI International community.


  • Alumni
  • High School
  • SJII

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