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Cricket Prodigy Sidhanth Srikanth
  • High School

St Joseph’s Institution International is thrilled to shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of cricket prodigy Sidhanth Srikanth, a student who has not only showcased exceptional academics in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme but has also carved a historic path for Singaporean cricket.

In 2022, Sidhanth played a pivotal role in the national U19 cricket matches against Bahrain, contributing significantly to Singapore's victories. Notably, he emerged as the Man of the Match twice during the 2022 World Cup Division II (Under 19) in Oman, displaying mastery with the bat, in the field, and even donning the role of a part-time wicket-keeper. His outstanding performance played a key role in Singapore's promotion to Division A of international cricket, a significant achievement for the team.

Sidhanth's cricket journey continued to flourish as he participated in the ICC tournament for the Singapore Men's team in Malaysia in December 2022. His dedication and talent led him to the Cricket U19 Division 1 tournament held in Dubai from February to March 2023, where he made history as the highest U19 run-scorer for Singapore, totaling an impressive 260 runs. A standout moment was his remarkable partnership of 162 runs with a fellow player against Kuwait in the U19 Division 1 tournament, earning him yet another Man of the Match award.

Further solidifying his cricket legacy, Sidhanth proudly represented Singapore at the "10 Nation - Associated Cricket Cup Men's Premier Cup 2023" in Nepal, competing in the 50-over format and marking another milestone in his career.

His selection for the Singapore Men's Cricket Team in 2023 is a testament to Sidhanth's hard work and dedication in the sport, opening up new opportunities for him to further elevate his cricketing career.

Sidhanth Srikanth's achievements extend beyond the cricket pitch. His passion for the sport and commitment to excellence have not only inspired his teammates but have also elevated the profile of cricket at SJI International. The school takes immense pride in Sidhanth's accomplishments, recognising him not just as a cricket prodigy but as a symbol of sportsmanship and dedication.

"I am immensely appreciative of the opportunities and unmatched support that my cherished school, SJI International, has given me. Beyond academic achievement, the supportive atmosphere and guidance provided by the school have been crucial in moulding my personality and achieving success in cricket and other extracurricular places. SJI International is a community that nurtures a love of sports and academic excellence in addition to being a school, making it unparalleled for my cohort's incredible holistic development,” noted Sidhanth.

Principal Mr Bradley Bird expressed his admiration, "Sidhanth Srikanth embodies the spirit and values of SJI International - a student who has not only excelled in sports but has become a source of inspiration for the entire school community. His achievements are a testament to the holistic education we provide, fostering excellence both on and off the field."

As Sidhanth Srikanth continues on with his academic and sporting journey, his story serves as an inspiration for future SJI International students, showcasing the potential for academic and sporting excellence within their community.

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