IB Results 2014  
Diploma Pass Rate 99.4% 
Mean Diploma Score 36.4 
Median Diploma Score 37.0 
ScoreNumber of StudentsPercentage
40-45 Points 46 28.57%
35-39 Points 62 38.51%
30-34 Points 37 22.98%
24-29 Points 16 9.94%
Below 24 Points 0 0.00%
Chinese A: Lang & Lit SL30120000
English A: Lang & Lit HL3271681000
English A: Lang & Lit SL921551215000
English A: Literature HL 20
English A: Literature SL 1510 00
Indonesian A: Literature HL 21 0
Indonesian A: Literature SL
Spanish A: Literature SL
Vietnamese A: Literature SL0
Chinese B - Mandarin HL
Chinese B - Mandarin SL101 72 25 
English B HL
English B SL
Hindi B SL
Indonesian Ab SL
Malay B SL4112
Spanish Ab SL228651
Spanish B SL10630
Business & Management HL20277
Business & Management SL12263
Economics HL57112815
Economics SL257108
Geography HL59182317
Geography SL10440
History HL207120
History SL8062
Biology HL7311341612 
Biology SL142351
Chemistry HL79242822
Chemistry SL10440
Env & Soc. SL14336
Physics HL3610911
Physics SL18951
Mathematics HL60121618
Mathematics SL929332721 
Math. Studies SL11017
Music HL40300
Music SL3300
Theatre HL4121
Theatre SL2110
Visual Arts HL190125


IB Results 2013  
Diploma Pass Rate 98.6% 
Mean Diploma Score 37.47 
Median Diploma Score 37.5 
ScoreNumber of StudentsPercentage
40-45 Points 5436.99%
35-39 Points 64 43.84%
30-34 Points 22 15.07%
24-29 Points 5 3.42%
Below 24 Points 1 0.68%
SubjectNumber of StudentsAverage Subject Points
Biology HL595.93
Biology SL116.00
Burmese A: Literature SL15.00
Chemistry HL806.09
Chemistry SL155.80
Chinese A: Language & Lit SL55.40
Chinese A: Literature SL26.00
Chinese B HL36.67
Chinese B SL986.56
Economics HL725.83
Economics SL346.21
English A: Language & Lit HL145.93
English A: Language & Lit SL565.63
English A: Literature HL285.54
English A: Literature SL425.31
English B HL46.25
English B SL26.50
Env. Systems & Society SL135.69
French B SL75.29
Geography HL305.73
Geography SL136.00
Hindi B SL16.00
History HL236.13
History SL106.20
Indonesian A: Literature SL36.33
Indonesian Ab Initio SL65.50
Korean A: Literature SL16.00
Malay B SL35.00
Mathematics HL595.78
Mathematics SL715.87
Maths Studies SL165.50
Music HL55.80
Music SL35.67
Physics HL466.02
Physics SL66.17
Spanish A: Literature SL16.00
Spanish Ab Initio SL136.46
Theatre HL56.00
Vietnamese A: Literature SL27.00
Visual Arts HL125.84
Visual Arts SL17.00




IB Results 2012  
Diploma Pass Rate 98.5% 
Mean Diploma Score 36.15 
Median Diploma Score 36 
ScoreNumber of StudentsPercentage
40-45 Points 3424.8% 
35-39 Points 55 40.1%
30-34 Points 34 24.8%
24-29 Points 14 10.3%
Below 24 Points 0 0%
SubjectNumber of StudentsAverage Subject Points
Biology HL595.40
Biology SL165.50
Chemistry HL705.92
Chemistry SL116.45
Chinese A1 (Self Taught) SL25.50
Chinese B HL56.20
Chinese B SL886.46
Economics HL715.63
Economics SL236.00
English A1 HL425.09
English A1 SL765.38
English A2 SL155.80
English B HL66.50
Env. Systems & Society SL145.07
Geography HL235.82
Geography SL26.00
History HL395.05
History SL85.87
Indonesian A1 HL16.00
Indonesian A1 SL126.50
Indonesian Ab Initio SL64.83
Korean A1 (Self Taught) SL16.00
Malay B SL45.75
Mathematics HL405.77
Mathematics SL815.69
Maths Studies SL185.38
Music HL17.00
Physics HL445.52
Physics SL86.12
Spanish B SL25.50
Spanish Ab Initio SL66.67
Theatre HL125.91
Theatre SL16.00
Visual Arts HL96.11
Visual Arts SL16.00




IB Results 2011  
Diploma Pass Rate94.3% 
Mean Diploma Score34.69 
Median Diploma Score 35 
ScoreNumber of StudentsPercentage
40-45 Points1719.8%
35-39 Points2933.7%
30-34 Points2124.4%
24-29 Points1920.9%
Below 24 Points11.2%
SubjectNumber of StudentsAverage Subject Points
Biology HL245.42
Biology SL165.13
Chemistry HL405.40
Chemistry SL145.07
Chinese B HL56.40
Chinese B SL506.30
Economics HL505.52
Economics SL176.00
English A1 HL325.16
English A1 SL465.09
English A2 SL46.00
English B HL56.00
Geography HL115.18
Geography SL105.70
History HL225.00
History SL45.00
Indonesian A1 SL76.71
Malay B SL66.17
Mathematics HL354.97
Mathematics SL455.29
Maths Studies SL85.75
Music HL36.00
Music SL35.67
Physics HL295.55
Physics SL95.78
Spanish Ab Initio SL166.19
Visual Arts HL75.00
Visual Arts SL26.50




IB Results 2010  
Diploma Pass Rate94.80% 
Mean Diploma Score35.65 
Median Diploma Score36 
ScoreNumber of StudentsPercentage
40-45 Points1924.40%
35-39 Points2937.20%
30-34 Points2126.90%
24-29 Points56.40%
Below 24 Points45.10%
SubjectNumber of StudentsAverage Subject Points
Biology HL195.68
Biology SL125.42
Chemistry HL475.68
Chemistry SL105,00
Chinese B HL45.75
Chinese B SL376.73
Economics HL345.59
Economics SL345.59
English A1 HL215.19
English A1 SL375.30
English A2 SL86.38
English B HL56.60
English B SL26.50
History HL155.20
History SL85.38
Indonesian A1 HL36.33
Indonesian A1 SL66.67
Malay B SL46.00
Mathematics HL565.39
Mathematics SL175.23
Maths Studies SL65.33
Music HL35.00
Music SL26.00
Physics HL246.08
Physics SL115.91
Spanish Ab Initio SL166.00
Visual Arts HL75.57
Visual Arts SL74.71



IB Results 2009  
Diploma Pass Rate93.10% 
Mean Diploma Score35.6 
Median Diploma Score36 
ScoreNumber of StudentsPercentage
40-45 Points1424.10%
35-39 Points1932.80%
30-34 Points1729.30%
24-29 Points712.10%
Below 24 Points11.70%
SubjectNumber of StudentsAverage Subject Points
Biology HL135.85
Biology SL126.17
Chemistry HL286.14
Chemistry SL135.85
Chinese A2 SL65.83
Chinese B SL246.63
Economics HL325.97
Economics SL216.19
English A1 HL234.96
English A1 SL325.38
French Ab Initio SL135.54
French B SL36.00
Hindi B SL26.00
History HL125.92
History SL95.22
Malay B SL76.57
Mathematics HL484.81
Mathematics SL105.80
Music SL34.33
Physics HL146.00
Physics SL136.31
Visual Arts HL45.75
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